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Providing Age and Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum for your Daycare

Need a daycare curriculum, professional development, or early childhood education for your daycare home or center? Extension online can help. We offer courses that can help you with daycare curriculum ideas and early childhood education that can increase your knowledge as you develop lessons and activities.

Courses you might consider include:

Providing a daycare curriculum in your care center that is age appropriate and supports the social, emotional, physical, and mental development is important. This includes curriculum for both inside and outside activities; activities and routines for "hellos" and "goodbyes," socially, emotionally, and mentally stimulation/supportive activities; literacy-rich and creative play activities.

Developing a floor plan that meets the needs for both active and quiet play is essential. Designing "centers" where children can build blocks, discover music, perform drama, dress-up and role playing, create arts and crafts, begin early writing skills, read, and rest are all great places to learn and grow. They also need to play outside everyday if weather is not too harsh. So, a safe play area where children can discover textures, color, nature, and get physical activity is essential. Organized and free-play alike are important to the child's growth and development.

As you begin to plan a daycare curriculum, you will want to keep all these things in mind. Set aside time and talk with other providers about what they have done. Be sure you know where your children are developmentally so that you can offer curriculum that suits them. Talk with your parents and build positive family relationships from the start. Discover if their child has any special care needs. This will also help you to design a daycare curriculum that will fit in your care.

With Extension online, you can learn how to deal with special needs and create a care center or home where all children can belong. For more information and related courses, see Extension online child care courses.

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