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Outlining child care policies for staff and parents

Having child care policies and procedures on how your daycare is run helps everyone. Having written, signed policies can also help protect you and the children and staff in your center. Parents can know what to expect from you and your staff, while staff can count on polices to help them deal with daily issues, such as handling disciplinary actions, cleaning and sanitizing procedures, health and medical situations, and feeding.

Consider having written child care policies about:

Many states require that you have written child care policies and procedures for parents. Check with your state licensing agency to find out if it requires certain information or policies.

Have parents and staff sign off that they have read the child care policies (usually written in a handbook), so that everyone is aware of the policies and procedures - this assures parents and protects your business.

Consider training on emergency and disaster preparedness, best practices for good communication with parents and families, transportation safety, immunizations and medical care, as well as food preparation and sanitation. You can take courses online for free or for a minimal fee at Extension Online that can help you develop solid child care policies and procedures for your business.

Consider the following child care courses:

Child Care Classes

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