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Cooking up a Cottage Food Business
In Texas, the Cottage Food Law allows residents to prepare and sell specific foods from an unlicensed residential (home) kitchen. This course is designed to help people who want to start a cottage food production operation out of their residence. Through this course individuals will gain knowledge of the Texas Cottage Food Law and general rules and best practices for preparing food safely.  
Credit Hours: 1 hr Course Price: Pay First Certificate Fee : 7.00
Food Safety in the Classroom
There are many things one can do to help prevent foodborne illnesses from occurring, especially in children. This course is targeted towards child caregivers to discuss food safety practices in the preschool environment.  
Credit Hours: 1 hr Course Price: Free Certificate Fee : 7.00
Understanding the Dates on Food Labels
Dates are placed on food labels for a variety of reasons. This course will help you learn the differences between dates often seen on products/packages at your local retail stores.  
Credit Hours: 1 hr Course Price: Free Certificate Fee : Free