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Controlling Asthma Triggers in the Child Care Environment
Asthma is one of the most common chronic childhood illnesses. This course gives a basic overview of what happens in the body during an asthma attack, discusses common asthma attack triggers, and covers a variety of strategies child care providers can use to reduce the number of asthma triggers in their indoor environments. 
Credit Hours: 1 hr Course Price: Free Certificate Fee : Free
Healthy Interactions: Promoting Lifelong Nutrition
This 1-hour training will discuss several ways you can use your interactions with young children help them develop a healthy approach to eating that will set them up for nutritional success throughout their lives. When this training is over, you should be able to describe several ways you can use interactions to promote healthy nutritional attitudes among the children in your care, assess your current approach to promoting nutrition, looking for opportunities to improve, and increase your use of the strategies described in this course in your own early childhood program.  
Credit Hours: 1 hr Course Price: Free Certificate Fee : Free