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I am not able to enroll in a course I previously have taken.


On the "Your Certificates" page under the Completed section, what does it show under the "Expires On" column for the certificate?

Does it show:

- 0000-00-00


- Repeat


- Expired: You can register for the course again.


You should be able to re-enroll in a previously taken course up to 30 days before the certificate expires. If there is a "Repeat" link for the certificate, click this "Repeat" link to enroll in the course again.

If it shows "Expired: You can register for the course again", follow the instructions below:

To register for the course again:

1) Sign in to your account and click the My Account tab.

2) Click the "Add courses" link.

3) Locate the course and click the "Enroll Now" button to register again for the course.


If it shows 0000-00-00, you will need to submit a Support Ticket. In the Support ticket, please include:

- Your name

- Your account email address

- The complete name of the course

- Let us know if the expiration date shows 0000-00-00

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